If you are a student or have just started your career in design, then most probably choosing a colour palette would have been a challenging task. So I curated the best color palette generator which will help you to make you own or select from any curated color palette.

Adobe Colors

Website Link: https://color.adobe.com/explore

Adobe Colors has a vast collection of the colour palette to select from the best color scheme created by designer. Also you can use it to get inspiration on color and


Website Link: https://coolors.co

Coolors.co is a popular and most commonly used color scheme generator by the designer. Coolors.co have made it simple to make your colour palette.
Even a beginner designer can make colour palette easily.

Coolors.co interface is simple so even you are a beginner you make colour palette easily. Either you can use their palette generator or you can explore their curated colour palette and see which works best for your projects.

Coolors.co has many other tools too

  1. Color Picker
  2. Color Palette from Image
  3. Collage maker
  4. Gradient Generator
  5. Gradient Palette
  6. Color Contrast Checker


Website Link: http://colormind.io

Equally, ColorMind is another powerful palette generator. But ColorMind uses a deep learning algorithm to learn and create a new color scheme.

Likewise, ColorMind also provides a demo landing page that you can use to apply you selected colour palette. Making it easy to understand how colours work with each other in a design. How great is that? I love this feature, it helps you to visually get an idea of your selected colour palette and also can generate a new one.

Of course, UI can be improved but ColorMind deep learning is powerful, it can help you to generate an inspiring cool colour palette for your project.

Color Palettes

Website Link: https://colorpalettes.net

In the first place, the site has 4000+ colour palette which was extracted manually from each photo in our website purchased or personally given by the photographers.

Color Palettes is a collection of hand-curated colour palettes created by Alex Romanuke (designer, colourist and photographer) as a personal creative project.

Khroma – Design with colors you love.

Website Link: http://khroma.co

Khroma uses AI Algorithms to learn and make an unlimited colour palette for you to choose from.

Khroma asks you to select 50 colours. Yes, 50 sounds like a lot, but quantity ensures Khroma doesn’t mistakenly think you don’t like colours you do. The wider the variety, the more possible combinations you’ll get! After you have selected your 50 best colours, Khroma will process and learn all colour and creating limitless palettes for you to discover, search, and save.

Note: The Khroma take time to create a personalized color palette.


Website Link: https://colorhunt.co

Color Hunt is a free and open platform for colour inspiration with thousands of trendy hand-picked colour palettes. No complex user interface (UI) just a simple collection of colours to inspire you.


Website Link: https://brandcolors.net

BrandColors is the biggest collection of official brands colour code with simple and clean user interface (UI). Never waste time in finding the brand colour you want to use for your website, illustration and icons design and visit BrandColors.

Flat UI Colors

Website Links: https://flatuicolors.com

Colours Curated by 13 designers around the world.

Other Site to Explore for Color


Website Link: https://palx.jxnblk.com

Open Color

Website Link: https://yeun.github.io/open-color


Website Link: https://mycolor.space

Material UI

Website Link: https://materialuicolors.co

Palette App

Website Link: https://palettte.app

So Want something advanced, You want the colour palette to be precise with the colour code and harmony who want to take it colour creation process to the next level and want to document colour during the process. These tools can help you…

Adobe Colors

Website Link: https://color.adobe.com


Website Link: https://paletton.com

Cloudflare Colors

Website Link: https://cloudflare.design/color

In the end, I hope you have found the best color palette generator for your design process. If you have any suggestion on the tools mention or know a better tool, Please Let us know in the comment section.

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